Nazrin Farook Textile Design


Vintage Stores, Packaging and Typography


Vintage stores contain more than old treasured objects. They hold a world of inspiration for design, color, composition and typography.

As a designer of print and everything surface pattern related, I am constantly looking for color and design ideas. Stumbling upon an antique store in East Sussex on a recent visit to the UK, I rediscovered the beauty of old packaging – in particular food and beauty products - from the days of the post war consumer era. Food tins, cartons, starch, soap, grease remover and multiple other products, all essential for the running of households at the time and all needing eye-catching packaging, descriptions and fonts.

The designs were clearly dictated by the printing techniques of that era – in particular four color printing processes and letter press printing.

The limited range of fonts available meant that the design had to be straight forward, whether italic, shadowed or simply color reversed in order to have an impact which clearly worked. The illustrations appear to be like postcards into the past – showing the wholesome and content lifestyle of those who ran the households in those times.

Nazrin Farook