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How My Journey Began


To start with, I thought I would write an introductory blog post about me.

I first came to NYC 10 years ago in Sept 2009 for a week’s vacation and immediately felt that I had found ‘my place’. That first week spent here still remains one of the best times of my life as I was out every night and met new people every day. I was made to sing Frank Sinatra ‘For Once in My Life’ before entering Small’s jazz bar; I got talking to musicians outside The Blue Note who then added me to their guest list; I was handed Broadway tickets in the street by a stranger who couldn’t make the show himself. This was a magical city where anything could happen… I could turn any corner and not know what to expect.

Of course I had to return to the UK, but the next few years were then spent visiting trade shows in New York, working freelance from the UK for my current sponsors (the wonderful Brooklyn Nest based in – yes - Brooklyn) and working towards my O1 visa, which I was awarded in 2017. I don’t make this known often but for those of you who are unaware, the O1 Visa stands for ‘Individuals of Outstanding Ability’. Yes, I was pretty pleased with myself to say the least.  

Now, 2 years down the line, I live and work in Brooklyn and I’m extremely happy. Of course there are the usual highs and lows of New York living... “What the hell – are you kidding me with these rent prices?”... “There are so many things going on tonight, I simply cannot decide which party / live music / dinner invite / private view / dancing event I want to go to”… Obviously, these issues are minor and easily overcome and my life here is amazing.

I’m basically part of a design studio filled with incredibly talented people who sell to the most prestigious and well-known brands throughout the US. We are becoming more prominent within the design industry and best of all – we are based on the waterfront of Williamsburg with views of Manhattan.  I couldn’t be happier. Thank you NYC, I smiled at you and you definitely smiled back at me.

NYC visit Sept 2009

NYC visit Sept 2009

Nazrin Farook